A terrorist organization known as Zealots Of Mass Blight (Z.O.M.B) recently launched a biological weapons attack on a military training compound and surrounding farmlands near Kingdom City, Missouri. A reconnaissance unit was assigned to investigate the explosion, but have lost communications with base camp. The bio-weapon used has been known to reanimate the dead and they hunger for the flesh of the living.

You recruits have been chosen to take on OPERATION: ZOMBIE HUNT. You must enter ground zero to find out what happened to the recon unit and eliminate any and all threats. You will be provided weapons specially designed to take out the abominations lurking in the wooded area.


Come take a ride on our military trailer that has been outfitted with mounted paintball guns and fire upon live zombies through a wooded trail.

We have customized a truck and military trailer to carry up to 16 passengers, each with their own mounted paintball gun. We will take “recruits” through a predetermined trail through a wooded area, where you will have the opportunity to shoot at live zombies.


Smell the rotting flesh and feel their breath as you scramble through zombie town on foot hunting the undead and fighting to stay alive!

General Admission gains you entry to either the Convoy Ride or the Zombie Town experience, and includes 1/2 “clip” of paintballs (about 70 rounds).
Our prices listed below are for either the Convoy Ride or the Zombie Town experience:

  • General Admission: $20
  • Haunted House Admission: $5
  • Double My Ammo (get a “full clip”, about 140 paintballs): +$5
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Ammo Upgrade: +$5

MONEY SAVING! Print our online Coupon for $2 off either experience! Click the image below!






Operation: Zombie Hunt is only on the last three weekends of October. See above calendar for exact dates.

Ticket Booth opens at 6pm each night.

  • Thursdays: 7pm-10pm
  • Fridays: 7pm-12am
  • Saturdays: 7pm-12am
  • Sundays: 7pm-10pm

Battlecreek Paintball has put in place several precautionary measures to ensure the safety of everyone that wishes to attend our attraction. All ages are welcome, but there may be health risks to be aware of. High blood pressure and heart conditions can cause concern. The attraction can get scary and exciting at many points in the ride, and may put stress on your heart.

If you have a child with you and they become too frightened, please notify our crew members and we will assist you to the nearest exit.

Send an email to zombie@battlecreekpaintball.com or call 573-356-6558 for all your inquiries.


Is there a minimum age to participate?
We have not set a minimum age to participate, but keep in mind that our trailer and gun mounts may be too high to reach for children under 6 yrs while seated. Participants of the Walk-through must be at least 11 years of age. Contact zombie@battlecreekpaintball.com or call 573-356-6558 for any special arrangements.
Can we have a private party for the Zombie Hunt?
Private parties can be scheduled on a case by case basis. Please keep in mind that we must maintain our “public” hours we have posted. Any private parties would be scheduled after we have closed to the public, or before we have opened. Email zombie@battlecreekpaintball.com  or call 573-356-6558 for more info on parties and how to make arrangements.
Can I purchase tickets to the Zombie Hunt in advance?
We have a few online opportunities to purchase tickets in advance, but unfortunately have not been able to get the resources this year to allow online purchases through our website. The Add Sheet and Groupon are regular partners with us, and we will be advertising online deals through them that are available for purchase online. Other advance sales inquiries can be directed to zombie@battlecreekpaintball.com  or call 573-356-6558.
How long does the Convoy ride last?
Times for each trip can vary slightly, but on average you will be on the ride for 15 minutes. We have strived to fill the time of the ride with as many opportunities as possible to shoot zombies, as well as integrate a story.
Can we take a group of 7 or more through Zombie Town?
We apologize, but we cannot take more than 6 people at a time through Zombie Town.
Can I bring my own paintball gun?
We cannot allow any personal guns through Zombie Town or the Convoy Ride. Every gun is different, and may not be able to keep our zombie specifications for this special scenario.
Is Zombie Town longer than the Ride?
It takes about the same amount of time to complete as the ride (15-20 minutes).