Should I Let My Children Play Paintball?

As is always the case, deciding whether to let children play paintball is a very personal decision that should be made with some thought and discretion. Please don’t make a knee jerk reaction to either allow or disallow your child from playing, but take a minute and think it through.

Each child is different and a decision to allow that child to play paintball needs to be made based on that specific child. First, you need to learn about paintball. There are also some specific questions that you need to ask. Check out our page, About Paintball, to find out more.

You then need to evaluate your child. Is your child mature enough to understand and follow all safety instructions? Is your child going to accept the idea that they could get hit and may get a bruise if they get hit? Are they going to play with good sportsmanship?

You also need to look at where and when your child will play. Battlecreek Paintball is a great place for your child to have their first paintball experience. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff will guide and teach them while at the same time having a safe, fun experience.

After you answer these questions, ask what your child wants to gain from the experience. Paintball is a great way to get exercise, enjoy the outdoors, develop friendships, learn teamwork and to simply have fun.

Battlecreek has hosted eight-year olds who were mature enough to play the game and also adults who should not be on a field. Before you send your child or stop them from going, take a minute and see which group they are a part of.