The BattleCreek Cold War Event is Tomorrow, Saturday March 9th!! Come out and have some fun!

The Cold War is a missions based event where two armies square off on 40 acres of indoor and outdoor combat field courses. Each army is made up of divisions who formulate plans, execute commands and fight to complete objectives throughout the day. There are medics who can revive you back into play, vehicles, bazookas, plot events, costumed characters, uniform shirts for each team. It’s EPIC! If we run out of uniforms they will be given out in the order of those who registered first. So save money, make sure you get a uniform reserved, and resister now!

Cold War Paintball Scenario Game – 573-356-6558 call now!

 ALL DAY EVENT occurs Sat March 9th.  Get a Cold War Flyer from Battlecreek Paintball and save 10 bucks on the upcoming all day scenario game!  The cost of the all day Cold War event is $119 and includes a full case of paint!  Uniforms supplied on a first come, first serve basis. Paint grenades, smoke bombs and other upgrades are extra.